Question: Is there a dress code for class?

Answer: There is no dress code. You can wear whatever weekend clothes you are comfortable in. Scrubs & lab coats are optional.

Question: What should I bring to class with me?

Answer: All learning materials are provided, including lasers, safety eyewear and laser workbook. You can bring whatever keeps you comfortable for an all day session ie. pens, water bottle, sweater, personal snacks

Question: Is lunch is provided?

Answer: Lunch is provided for our in person courses held nationwide for the dental public. Please plan to bring your food if you have a special diet. If this is an in-office booking, your doctor will provide your lunch.

Question: Should I bring my own laser?

Answer: If you have a laser in your office, we suggest you bring it. If you are bringing a laser, be sure to bring all cords, goggles, and accessories.

Question: Do I need a laser for the online course?

Answer: If you are in AZ, TX, IL, you must have your laser with you. Otherwise, you do not need to have your laser with you for the online session.

Question: What if I don't have a laser?

Answer: If you do not have a laser, we can arrange to get one to you. If we do not make arrangements, you can attend the full day and just watch through our online hands on component. You can set up a later time for 1-1 hands on through our Calendly link.

Question: Will I be certified after this course?

Answer: Yes, you will be certified after completing this course. Attendees will earn a Certificate of Completion &/or Attendance Verification at the completion of the course, either given in person or printable with our online sessions.

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