VELscope Certification – Los Angeles, CA. Friday, Nov.10th 2023

6 CEU Course ✅ VELscope Certification, Implementation & Hands On Training


Audience: Dentists, Dentists w/entire team, Hygienists, Assistants, Admins, New or Existing Users 

Learning Hours: 6 CEU awarded total: 4 lecture / 2 hands on 

Method: live lecture, hands on 

Course Intention: certification and proficiency, implementation 

Materials: VELscope system provided ( you can also bring your own) accompanying workbook; access to online resources 

Expected Outcome: attendees will leave with a deepened knowledge of how VELscope technology works as a diagnostic tool, how to assess and engage with patients, how to fully implement VELscope into your standard of care and see a return on investment. 


AGD Subject Code: 

736 Cancer Screening (Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, Path) 

739 Oral Pathology/Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, Pathology 

740 Biopsy/Excision of Oral Lesions/Oral Med, Diagnosis, Path 

749 Product Training 

750 Special Patient Care 

557 Patient Education/Motivation (Practice Management)


Core 1: Fundamentals Head and Neck Anatomy Histology Review Components of the Intra / Extra Oral Exam Review of Common Oral Pathologies Review of Oral Pathology Detection Process of Care Patient Journey of Cancer Treatment Laser Use in Chemotherapeutic Patients 

Core 2: Technology Tactics & Mechanics Set Up / Break Down Usage Technique Assessment Protocol: 10 Step Cancer Screening Process Tactile, Palpative Assessment The VELscope Exam 

Core 3: Practice Management Fee Setting; Billing; Coding; Insurance Considerations Documentation: Photography, Record Keeping, Descriptions Biopsy Protocol & SOP Specialty Referral 

Core 4: Patient Management Patient Intake: Med Hx Review and Consulting Communicating Value: Buyer Psychology Confirming Cancer 
Core 5: Leadership & Business Concepts for Practice Building




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