In the dental hygiene procedure, diode dental laser is changing the way traditional that is viewed and practiced. This Diode dental laser certification course will explore the value and pro of Hygiene Laser-assisted therapy that enhances clinical end-point and the healing effect of the Laser. You will learn how diode laser debridement achieves the goals of treating both Biofilm infection and the host-immune inflammatory side of the periodontal infections through the absorption of light energy.

If you really want to shift your skills to another level of dependable and predictable healing through technologically advanced levels of patient care, just Join our Diode laser dental course, as we take this journey of scientific discovery. Our dentistry expertise is unmatched and unrivaled in our region, as a center of clinical excellence. We never stop continually learning about the most reliable and advanced techniques so that our patients can benefit from the best possible dentistry approaches.

Lecture Course Objectives

As an outcome of joining this Diode laser dental course, you should be able to:

    • Learn the science of laser wavelengths as well as their absorption characteristics.
    • Understand the key elements of laser safety.
    • Clarify how the Diode dental laser functions and produces the unique characteristics of laser energy.
    • Identify how 810 Diode dental laser energy interacts at all levels of the periodontal infections and why.
    • Through the adjunctive use of lasers, expand your existing Hygiene treatment model.
    • Use the benefits of using a diode dental laser in conjunction with conventional SRP in the reduction of bacteria in periodontal pockets.

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