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Get Laser Certified &
Grow Your Practice!

Our 3 Streamlined Learning Formats to Get You Certified & Using Lasers:

1. Attend a full day course in a city near you
2. Attend a full day course live via Zoom
3. Schedule an In Office Total Team Training

All Courses Include a Hands-On Component & Are Intended for: Dentists, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants & Front Office


  • Laser Certification Certificate valid in all states & Canada
  • 12 hours of Ce lecture & hands on training
  • Chairside Guide: Laser Playbook hard copy
  • 500+ slide deck of entire presentation
  • Recorded laser modules for each course objective & laser treatment
  • Laser Safety Training to meet state, osha & ANSI requirements
  • Documentation, Codes, Fee Setting Guide, Narratives

Bonus Items:

  • Marketing Lasers for Your Practice
  • Laser Safety Officer Training
  • Admin Power Hour – Train the Front
  • Bonus & Incentive Plans for Providers
  • Scroll our 2024 calendar and select the date to learn more & sign up



we work with dental practices who are:

  • DSO

  • Specialty: Ortho + Pedo + Perio

  • Private Practice – Smaller Teams

  • Multiple Practice – Larger Teams

  • Tribal + Community Clinics

  • Hygiene School – Recommend 2nd Yrs, Soon to Graduate, New Grad Hosting

  • Dental School – Recommend 3rd Yr, Soon to Graduate, New Grad Hosting

courses serve as “certification” in all states + canada


Through live lecture + group discussions / activities + 1:1 demonstration of your laser hands on skills:

We will cover all core elements of LASER MECHANICS:

safe handling, power on, assembly, tip loading, proper power settings, proper techniques + instrumentation

We will cover all core elements of LASER TREATMENTS:

how is the laser energy used as a therapeutic? what will I expect to see before, during and after treatment? what is the next step in the process of care?

And throughout the course, we will cover the core elements of CASE PRESENTATION:

Most providers want to help the patients feel good about getting their treatment done, without feeling like they are “over selling.” Since laser treatments are mainly ‘fee-for-service,’ unless you are billing medical, we want to show you how to build a case in the most sophisticated fashion to get patients excited and onboard! You can’t treat what you do not diagnose! Our courses are designed to help you better assess and diagnose the treatments you will be doing.



  • Laser Labio Frenectomy

  • Simple Laser Gingivectomy

  • Laser Implant Uncovering

  • Laser Toughing

  • Laser Fibroma Removal

  • Laser Operculum / Distal Wedge

  • Laser Healing: Photobiomodulation; Hemostasis


  • Laser Bacterial Reduction

  • Laser Assisted SRP: Laser Sulcular Debridement aka Laser Curretage

  • Laser Lesion Treatment: Herpetic, Aphthae, Oral Mucositis, Angular Chelitis

  • Laser Hypersensitivity Treatment: Desensitization

  • Laser TMJ Treatment

  • Laser Healing: Photobiomodulation, Hemostatis

  • Laser Whitening



Upon completion, participants will receive a Basic Proficiency Certificate and have an understanding of:

  • Dental Laser Physics & Fundamentals

  • Clinical & Administrative Applications

  • Hands-On Training

  • Laser-Tissue Interaction

  • Laser Safety & Precautions

  • OSHA Standards & Radiation Regulatory Agency Requirements

  • Scope of practice by state for laser procedures

  • Soft Tissue DDS Procedures

  • Soft Tissue Dental Hygiene Procedures

  • Treatment Settings & Parameters

  • TMJ Pain Therapy Protocols

  • Laser Whitening

  • Procedure Codes & Fees

  • Critical Thinking & Verbal Skills

  • Clinical Proficiency Exam

  • Written Exam

Dental Laser Integrations is a designated as an approved PACE Program Provider by the AGD. The formal CE programs of this program provider are accepted by the AGD for Fellowship/Mastership and member maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. Current term of approval:

(11/1/2020 – 10/31/2023) Provider ID 372596




  • Course Title: Soft Tissue Diode Laser Certification Awards: 13CEUs

  • Intended Audience: Doctors, Hygiene, Assistant (consider: admins schedule a 1:1 custom session with us!)

  • Meets in Zoom — a welcome letter with link is sent to your email one week prior to event

  • Required Materials: plan to have your laser, tips, goggles, handpiece, foot pedal, power cord + accessories.

  • Online Seminars run for 12 hours — we provide short, frequent breaks throughout the day that add up to one hour total.

  • Morning portion is lecture and the afternoon portion consists of guided laser hands on exercises.

  • TX & KY join from 8am CST – 9pm CST — the full 12 hours are required to be LIVE — those in KY & TX are awarded 13CEU (12 live + 1 self study pre prep)

  • ALL OTHER STATES outside of TX & KY join 8am-5pm + are awarded 13CEU ( 1 hr pre study / 5 hr live lecture / 3 hr hands on / 3 hrs post self study

  • Certificate given immediately after course: Certificate of Completion + eBook downloaded by participants

  • Yes, you leave this session fully and officially ‘laser certified’ if you have your laser with you — “laser certification” per national standards requires you to have a hands on training so if you join without a laser, you are not certified

  • What comes with this course? Certificate of Completion 13CEU, eBook, Online Library of how to videos and learning modules (Deliverables: Access thorough, high quality how-to video library, research, procedures + protocols . eBook + Powerpoint slides provided)

  • Need a laser? Email: Elaine@DentalLaserIntegrations.com if you need a loaner laser. We require 1.5 week advance notice to allow time for set up and shipping.



  • Course Title: Soft Tissue Diode Laser Certification & Team Training Awards 13CEUs

  • Intended Audience: Doctors, Hygienists, Assistants, Admins, Doctor w/Team (consider: admins schedule a 1:1 custom session with us! as this is heavy on clinical science)

  • Meets in Person — location information is on registration page, limited seats for social distancing, you DO NOT have to be Corona 19 Vaccinated to attend

  • Required Materials: bring a pen to take notes (yes notes! helps you retain more info!!) water bottle, warm sweater, comfortable weekend attire, scrubs optional, loupes optional

  • What is provided? diode lasers, laser goggles, workbook, lunch – basically everything you need to get through our one day seminar and leave certified + ready to launch lasers in your practice!

  • Texas & Kentucky Seminars run for 12 hours — meets from 8am CST – 9pm CST ( we provide short, frequent breaks throughout the day that add up to one hour total )

  • All Other States meet from 8:30am – 4:30pm : 1 hr pre study / 4 hr lecture / 3 hr hands on / 4 hr post study

  • Morning portion is lecture and the afternoon portion consists of in depth, guided laser hands on exercises.

  • Combo of active + passive learning: 1 hour of pre study required + 4 hr lecture + 3 hr laser lab + 5 hr post study

  • Audience: Doctors, Hygienist, Team

  • Lunch provided *bring your own if special diet

  • Access to pre-learning sent one week prior to event

  • Experiential learning style with fun group activities!

  • Network with other professionals!

  • Courses held in most major cities nationwide! If you don’t see a course near you, contact Elaine to set one up!

You: I’m not quite ready… need a bit more info

Us: No worries . . . keep scrolling . . below you’ll find out how to prep for a course + common q’s answered


1. There is no dress code. Comfortable weekend wear is appropriate. Scrubs & lab coats are optional.


2. All participants will be asked to preview 1 hour of self study resources before entering class. Detailed instructions and access given one week prior to event via email provided with registration.

A workbook, laser goggles + lasers are provided. Please bring your thinking cap and be prepared to take notes!


3. Lunch is provided. Please plan to bring your food if you have a special diet. If this is an IN OFFICE class, your doctor will provide your lunch.


4. If you are bringing a laser, be sure to bring all cords, goggles, laser tips, foot pedal and accessories.


5. If  you cannot see without your loupes, be sure to bring them!


6. Attendees will earn a Certificate of Completion &/or Attendance Verification at the completion of the course.

7. A receipt is automatically sent to your email. Please download and save for your financial records.


8. If you don’t have a laser, we can arrange to send you a loaner. please email: elaine@dentalaserintegrations.com and allow us 1.5 week minimum prior to event. return label provided.


9. If you join online AND DO NOT HAVE A LASER: no problem! Join the lecture and we can arrange a 1:1 session at a later time.


10. A receipt of purchase will be sent to you immediately after your purchase. Save this for your records.


11. That’s it! A Welcome Letter & access to course resources is sent one week prior to event with all pre study material. 


12. Plan to arrive up to 20 mins early for check in and seating.

Please read the FAQ. Fill this form to ask any questions and request a course in office or in your city.


Q: Does this course provide certification?

A: Yes, you leave every live course, in person, online, and in office, fully Laser Certified.


Q:  Does this certification expire?

A: No, this does not expire.  However, as clinicians, we ALL need an update from time to time to sharpen our clinical skills and keep up with the emerging science. We recommend a retake every 3 years, at least.


Q: Does this course meet dental board standards in my state?

A: Yes. If you practice in a “regulated state” meaning your state requires or suggests you take a laser course, yes we are recognized course providers by and through The Academy of General Dentistry PACE, and this course will satisfy your state requirements.


Q: What does my state laser requirements mean by “proof of training” ?

A: You will receive a Certificate of Completion to prove your certification and an Attendance Verification for your hours of learning — these documents are known to the dental board as “proof of training”. If you get audited, you will submit your Attendance Verification. Most states that regulate lasers require you keep a copy of your certificate in the op. That is another form of proof.  


Q: Does this cover safety training?

A: Yes. Safety Training and Laser Safety Officer and compliance protocols are included in this course.  


Q: Help! The Laser Safety Commission paid us a visit and we need to get in laser safety compliance.

A: No problem — contact us and we can do a 1 hour safety training to get you in compliance. Arizona, Texas, Illinois are most frequently served.


Q: Does my state require Laser Safety Compliance aka Laser Safety Training aka have a Laser Safety Officer?

A: Send us an email and we can better answer you there.


Q:  Is this a soft tissue course?

A: Yes, this course covers all soft tissue doctor surgical and hygiene procedures.


Q: Do I have to bring my own laser?

A: No, but if you have a laser it is recommended that you bring it to learn with, since that is the one you will be using in practice. Bringing your own laser is not required.


Q: What if I don’t have my own laser + want to take the course online?

A: We can arrange to send you a loaner laser to use for an online format. loaner request: ELAINE@DENTALLASERINTEGRATIONS.COM


  • Registration confirmation will be sent to the email address listed at checkout and will serve as your ticket for online registration.

  • TO CANCEL: Payment means you agree to terms and conditions of the cancellation policy: full refund if cancellation is more than one week of event date. last minute cancellations are $75 processing fee because we give early access to course resources. Credit towards next event will be given if less than one week. Cancellation notices can be requested by sending an email to: elaine@dentallaserintegrations.com with the subject line “cancellation request” & provide full name, course date you wish to cancel, date of payment & method used to pay. Cancellations will be processed within 1 week of request.