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Cancellation Policy

Refunds for Live Courses, In Person & Online
Participants are given immediate access to course resources and online supplements, therefore no refunds are given unless course is cancelled by meeting planner.
Tuition is held towards next course date, or can be applied to a 1:1 session.
Refunds for Digital Self Study Courses, Downloadable Resources
No refund will be given
Refunds for Live Webinars
All sales of digital products downloadable upon confirmation of purchase are final, including limited-time 30 day premium content, unless otherwise stated in a guarantee. All live online workshops, courses & training being given during a specific time period are eligible for refunds for up to 7 days from the first day of class, if course access has not been granted, and after that time period has passed, and if access to resources is granted, no refunds will be given. If you’d like to cancel a monthly subscription you have with us, you can do so any time, and you will not be charged effectively the following month. We will keep all current payments for the month.