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founder + team of experts

Elaine Rodriguez

Elaine has 20 years of dental experience, with special emphasis on clinical laser applications, risk and disease management, and business-leadership workshops for dentists and dental hygienists. Elaine is multi trained for surgery and hygiene and holds multiple fellowships for all types of lasers, including Waterlase Erbium, Deka CO2 & All Diodes. In addition to her role as a clinician, Elaine is an established global laser educator, published author, and a clinical consultant for practices nationwide. Outside of work, Elaine enjoys spending time with her daughter, family and friends hiking around their Arizona home.

Tim Taylor, DDS

Practice Owner | Faculty: AT Still Dental University


National Laser Trainer


Erbium, Diodes

Frances Roberts, RDH

Houston | Greater Texas | Online


Laser Consultant, Speaker, Trainer


Erbium Waterlase, Deka CO2, Diodes

Jaimie Kapadia, RDH, BS

Arizona | Midwest | Online


Laser Consultant, Speaker, Trainer


Erbium Waterlase, Solea CO2, Diodes

Dr. Mason Miner

Colorado Practice Owner


Laser Educator, Trainer


Faculty Advanced Dental Aesthetic Institute


Master Laser Trainer: Waterlase Erbium, Diodes

Sabrina Nigro, RDH

Arizona | National Laser Trainer


High Performance Hygiene Coach


All Diodes