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Dallas – Friday, July 19, 2024

In Person Laser Certification & Hands On Training for Dentists & Dental Hygienists


Dental Health Products
8617 Ambassador Row Ste. 110
Dallas, TX 75247


Start & End Time:

7:30a – 8:00p 

Check in: 15 mins before event

Lunch Provided: 12-12:30p


Materials Provided:

Access to Online Learning Modules, Workbook, Lasers & Laser Learning Materials are provided. 

We recommend you bring the laser from your office to learn with, but it’s optional.

Materials Required:

Comfortable attire, writing utensils, water bottle – all things to keep you personally comfortable in an full day event


Credit Hours earned: 12 total

8 Hours Lecture, 4 Hours Hands On + Recorded, Self Study Modules provided


Certificate Earned: 

Laser Certification, Patient Management & Safety Training


Subject Codes: 

010 Emerging Technology

135 Laser Therapy

490 Perio Emerging Therapies

749 Product Training

557 Patient Education / Motivation

Course Information


Course Instructor

Elaine Rodriguez Elaine Rodriguez Author

This course does not have any sections.